Revolutionize Your Server with Enterprise-Class NGINX Plus Alternative - at a Fraction of the Cost

In today's dynamic digital landscape, your server's performance and reliability are more crucial than ever. That's where we come in. GetPageSpeed brings you an unrivaled alternative to NGINX Plus with our premium NGINX Extras collection — all at a fraction of the cost.

We are not about high PageSpeed score. We will make your website really faster

Optimize your websites for maximum speed and performance. Get a new VPS server elsewhere and GetPageSpeed will fully configure it with Varnish, Nginx, PageSpeed, ZendOptimizer+ and even Brotli compression! We will configure MySQL for ultimate speed! See below for what's included with every purchase.


Get real performance with Varnish. Varnish allows your website to handle thousands of visitors! What gives? More traffic - more income for your e-commerce websites!

Brotli Compression

Pioneer the web by having your website be one of the first ones to support most efficient compression protocol developed by Google.


Never have your website users miss an email from you. We configure DKIM signing on your server and that means your messages will always make it to recipient's inbox!

Google PageSpeed

Use GetPageSpeed to install Google's own PageSpeed Nginx module.

MySQL Settings

Our service checks important MySQL server settings related to speed. Get the most of your RAM and query caching.

Zend Optimizer+

Zend Optimizer+ accelerates websites built using PHP. We take all the hassle of correctly installing it.

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