RPM Repository FAQ

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Why do I need to subscribe? Why, oh, why

The GetPageSpeed repository has been free for years and used by a fleet of thousands and thousands of servers worldwide.
That did not pay a cent for either traffic or effort of maintaining the repository. Not a single soul has donated.

The subscription has been introduced to at least compensate for the hosting costs.

If you are serious to run stuff in production, you will appreciate the nearly free subscription price (compared to $1k+ NGINX-Plus).

GetPageSpeed provides far more than NGINX module packages alone, for a funny subscription price.
With GetPageSpeed repository you can literally extend your CentOS/RHEL system with pretty much everything that you need for fast and secure server setup:

  • Varnish and its modules
  • Security packages
  • Desktop OS packages
  • Kernel modules
  • CLI utilities

All of that is available once you subscribe. We don’t abandon a single package. Everything is consistent, up-to-date, stable and production-ready.

Subscribe now

What is NGINX-Plus anyway? And why you say GetPageSpeed is better?

NGINX-Plus is a feature-rich build of NGINX and its modules which comes as a package repository.
The GetPageSpeed repository is a better NGINX-Plus alternative because it costs a lot less and provides more features.

Do you provide a trial?

Yes, and no. You can simply subscribe and immediately unsubscribe. This will give you access to install anything throughout 30 days.
The subscription price is negligible for a business entity, so it is more or less a trial in itself.
For continued access to updates on a production server, we recommend keeping your subscription active at all times.

Are there modules for NGINX mainline?

Of course. Make sure you have the extra repo enabled before installing them:

sudo yum -y install yum-utils
sudo yum-config-manager --enable getpagespeed-extras-mainline

The install modules as usual, e.g.:

sudo yum -y install nginx-module-security

Switching from mainline to stable NGINX branch

The mainline branch of NGINX has far more frequent updates than the stable one.
For this or other reasons, you may want to downgrade to the stable branch.

sudo yum-config-manager --disable getpagespeed-extras-mainline
sudo yum downgrade nginx

Do I need nginx.org repository on my system?

You do not need to install the RPM repository from nginx.org/packages.
The GetPageSpeed repository includes both NGINX and dynamic modules for it.

I don’t see my module in your packages

You can submit NGINX modules for continuous build in our system here.
The modules are rebuilt with every module and NGINX release, within 24 hrs.

Metadata GPG verification?

Our repository signs both RPM packages and repository metadata with our GPG signature. So you know you’re getting the genuine builds.

By default, yum will only check signatures on packages themselves. You can also instruct it to check the signature of the repository’s metadata. To do this, run:

sed -i 's@repo_gpgcheck=.*@repo_gpgcheck=1@' /etc/yum.repos.d/getpagespeed-extras.repo

Worth noting that in RHEL 8+, dnf config-manager grew smart enough to handle wildcards so it’s cleaner to use:

dnf config-manager --setopt repo_gpgcheck=1 "getpagespeed-*" --save

Amazon Linux 2 support?

It is a supported OS. Prior to installing the GetPageSpeed release package, run:

amazon-linux-extras install epel

If you have another question, we are happy to receive your email and assist.