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HTTP/3 Test

Test that your website is leveraging the most modern HTTP protocol. Our web performance analysis checks whether HTTP/3 is supported by your website.

Brotli Compression Test

Brotli is superior compression protocol developed by Google. High-performance websites should support it, and our performance check confirm whether it’s supported by your website.

GZIP Compression Test

GZIP compression is the basic essential of web performance that reduces data being transferred while loading your pages. Check if it is supported using our website speed test.

HTTP/2 Test

Check if your website is utilizing HTTP/2 protocol. Its support is essential for improved webpage performance.

HTTP/1.1 Keep-Alive Test

Evaluate your website’s use of HTTP/1.1 Keep-Alive headers to maintain a persistent connection for multiple requests, reducing latency and improving page load times.

Backend Performance: Time to First Byte

Measure your site’s backend performance with our Time to First Byte (TTFB) test. This metric is the most crucial for understanding server response times and overall website speed.

Consequences of slow website speed

Slow website speed is a major drawback for site visitors. This is especially true for E-commerce websites. The slower performance, the fewer purchases they make. That is why is it so important to check website speed and maintain high-performance score

Website speed is a major SEO factor

Having a high PageSpeed score is important not only for user experience. Website speed affects search engine listings. Google and other major search engines will put your website lower in search results as long as its performance is lower than other results.

Remember to check website speed regularly

A plugin update in a content management system, upload of an unoptimized image using FTP, can ruin website performance in seconds. You should remember to constantly monitor your website speed. Site visitors and search engines will appreciate faster page loading times.

Intelligent Analysis

Unlike the old tools for performance checks, our analysis provides real advice on improving speed. We intelligently detect the software which is powering your website, and provide relevant configuration directives without Googling around. All information is at your fingertips.

Optimization areas

We group results so that you don't hop from one area of performance issues to another. We start from high level server issues that impact performance the most then going down to your content issues.

Light Interface, relevant results

The UI is not cluttered with reporting of the issues you don't have. Get insight into actual issues you have, and act by following our directions for optimizing your website.