About GetPageSpeed: Enhancing Web Performance and Security

What you can find here

Restart the Web

With the arrival of modern performance technologies like HTTP/2 and HTTP/3, Brotli compression, and software like Varnish, a need for GetPageSpeed has arrived.

We help companies and their websites to embrace that technology through a server setup service that leverages all the latest tech inside one gear – your server.

Performance matters

GetPageSpeed is your ultimate resource for web performance, security, and general server setup information. The vast array of posts with best practices of server administration of both virtual private virtual (VPS) and dedicated servers is provided in our blog.

How We Are Different

There is a number of optimization services around. We are unique because our service is at the server level. Others simply configure a WordPress caching plugin (W3TC) which is a very primitive optimization step compared to the full and extensive optimization checklist implemented by GetPageSpeed.

We provide before and after reports for you to estimate the actual performance gain from using our service. You can also check website speed using advanced performance metrics. Anytime, for free and extremely personalized to your server, with complete instructions to improve site speed manually.