RedHat and CentOS Packages Repository

YUM repository setup

Our repository supports CentOS (RedHat) 6 and 7.

CentOS 6:

rpm -ivh

CentOS 7:

rpm -ivh

What you can install

For a definite list of what you can install, have a look at RepoView of CentOS 7 packages.
List of some of the most interesting packages follows.

Nginx modules

We provide dynamic Nginx modules built against official Nginx stable repository. That means you can retain your existing Nginx installation and simply install our extra modules. Nice and sweet.

Want more modules? You are very welcome to make small donation here, as much as a few cents. Be sure to leave a note which module and platform you want packages to be built for! CentOS (RedHat) 6 and 7 are the platforms we can build for.

Latest Monit

Monit is great for watching over your system’s services. We are building RPMs for the latest versions of Monit with all the great new features like IPv6 support.