NGINX Extras: The no-brainer NGINX Plus alternative

What is NGINX Extras?

The NGINX Extras is our enormous collection of dynamic NGINX modules, which allow you to expand the base NGINX functionality from a simple web server, to a modern application stack with support of the latest technologies like Brotli compression, dynamic ETag support, automatic security headers, ModSecurity, PageSpeed, Lua scripting and a whole lot more!

Supported operating systems are CentOS/RHEL 6, 7 and 8.

NGINX Extras:

  • Leverage dynamic modules. You can install the bare minimum NGINX or any modules you wish, extending as you need. Not a bloatware nginx build!
  • Is the largest collection of pre-built dynamic NGINX modules on the Internet in a single repository
  • Allows you to keep SELinux enabled, and avoid the common pitfalls of compiled installs
  • Powered by CDN!

Getting started

The easiest way to install is to use out RPM repository (see dedicated repository page):


yum install


yum install


dnf install

Once the repository is configured, you can proceed with installing NGINX extras. Thanks to the nature of dynamic modules, you can install just the modules you want instead of using bloatware NGINX installation. For example, to install NGINX with the PageSpeed module, run:

yum install nginx nginx-module-pagespeed

To list available modules for installation, run:

yum list available | grep nginx-module

To install the recommended group of modules for performance, you may want to run:

yum groupinstall "nginx extras"

… which installs nginx with PageSpeed and Brotli modules.

Upgraded from EPEL’s NGINX?

Be sure to clean up EPEL’s NGINX module packages:

yum remove $(yum list installed | grep 'nginx.*@epel' | awk '{ print $1 }')

There’s always more

The base NGINX package which is shipped alongside NGINX Extras repository includes a stable and time tested NGINX binary runtime.
If you like to live on the edge, there’s a drop-in replacement for that runtime.
Read more about nginx-mod, which runs with latest OpenSSL, patched with full HTTP/2 HPACK support and dynamic TLS records.

You can provide any feedback and submit/request additional modules to be built in our public NGINX Extras repository.