GetPageSpeed for Magento

GetPageSpeed PRO brings you Magento Full Page Cache (FPC). Full page caching ensures your content is always up to date with the auto refresh cache system and allows for easily configurable hole punching from the admin panel. With a quick and simple install, FPC helps you achieve blazing fast page load times.

Speed up Magento with GetPageSpeed!

Speed Up Magento Performance. Improve Your Site’s Shopping Experience.

Speed matters

Numerous studies have shown that website load time can greatly impact bounce rate, conversions, and your bottom line. Speeding up Magento is a necessity. Even delays under half a second can cause customers to abandon their shopping cart.

GetPageSpeed PRO service will enable Full Page Cache extension which speeds up your Magento site so you can serve more content and convert more sales.

How It Works

Dead simple: GetPageSpeed service automatically installs Full Page Cache and configures mod_pagespeed module (nginx, Apache) on your server to reach highest performance level. Full Page Cache for Magento boosts the performance of your ecommerce site by reducing the load on your servers to increase page speed. Pages that used to take seconds now load in a fraction of the time (average .1s – .3s).
Stop losing customers to slow Magento pages. Order GetPageSpeed PRO to get Full Page Cache running with Magento today and accelerate your sales velocity.


  • Greatly improve your Magento performance, optimization, and page speeds.
  • Shrink your bounce rates.
  • Dramatically decrease your server load.
  • Reduce the number of required web servers.
  • Realize greater savings on server costs.
  • See greater return on your Magento investment.


  • New multi-level cache to serve pages even faster.
  • Supports block updates (hole punching) for recently viewed products, shopping cart, etc.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Supports mobile themes.
  • Easy to cache custom pages.

Order GetPageSpeed PRO today to super charge your Magento with Full Page Cache and many more improvements.