High Speed Hosting

GetPageSpeed provides a unique hosting on the web. The High Speed Hosting.

It’s truly remarkable how the web evolved over years. Apache has been a great web server, and it’s still good for beginners. They always go with the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), which is so easy to setup.

However, LAMP stack doesn’t scale well. It’s fine to use when you have only up to a few hundred unique visitors daily.
When you get more visitors, expect issues. Serious issues.

GetPageSpeed provides the High Speed VPS hosting plan, which combines the easiness of LAMP with the power of nginx. It’s the only hosting plan we offer.

Effectively, it’s a Virtual Private Server provisioned with nginx and ngx_pagespeed,tuned to handle thousands of visitors!

With each server order, we provide Automatic Daily PRO optimization by GetPageSpeed service.

The VPS comes preinstalled with nginx and ngx_pagespeed module. We regularly check and apply performance and security updates, so your websites will scale and work as best as possible.

Order the unique Virtual Private Server plan, preconfigured for speed without compromise.


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