Get professional installation service for Magento 2 server

We will install and fully configure new Magento 2 server with your Linode, Hetzner or any other VPS / dedicated server account. We will install and configure all the software for ultimate Magento 2 performance, including Varnish, Redis and PHP 7.

Requirements: new CentOS 7 / Ubuntu 14 TLS server with any hosting provider and a minimum of 2 GB RAM.
Service delivery time: 2 days

How it works

  • You get VPS or dedicated server with any provider: Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, or any similar
  • Make order for our server configuration service by clicking Buy Now button on this page
  • We will install Magento 2 and all accompanying Linux software for ultimate Magento experience.

Have questions before you purchase our server configuration service? Let us know. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

Trust to install Magento full server stack to professional engineers

We have years of provisioning and installing Linux servers for Magento. The new Magento 2 server requirements call for a number of Linux skills and a broad range of software to be installed and configured.

GetPageSpeed certified engineers can install Magento 2 server with everything that is needed for stable, blazing fast shopping experience for your store clients.

As the most valuable parts of our service, we install and configure Varnish Cache, PHP 7 FPM, Nginx with lifetime free SSL certificate, MySQL Percona for ultimate database speed.  Latest Magento 2 installation (new or migrating existing Magento 2 store) is included! See below for what’s more included with every purchase.

Varnish Cache

Magento 2 is fast and amazing. What makes it fast? Of course, Varnish Cache. Varnish is very hard to configure by beginners. We have years of experience installing Varnish and configuring it on any flavour of Linux. It will give your Magento store amazing perforance. Magento 2 supports Varnish Cache out of the box!

Percona MySQL

We install and configure Percona MySQL server, fully fine tuned to make use of available RAM and CPU units on your server. Magento 2 is heavy on a database usage. Percona is a performance fork of MySQL, fully compatible to mainstream MySQL, but it is faster and recommended by Magento 2 team.

PHP Bytecode Cache

PHP is fast but can you make it faster? We can! We install Opcache PHP extension which compiles scripted source code into bytecode cache, which runs way faster! The PHP extension is developed by Zend, the company that created the PHP engine. We take all the hassle of correctly installing it.


Secure SSL protected PhpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL databases using web interface. We install PhpMyAdmin from secure packages provided by RedHat repositories


We install PHP 7 on each server configured! PHP 7 is stable and recommended for Magento 2 for ultimate performance. It’s up to twice as fast as previous PHP versions.

FREE lifetime SSL

Requirement to any store is properly installed and configured SSL certificate. Not only we can install your existing SSL certificate. We provide absolutely secure, recognized by all browsers FREE SSL certificate. It’s not any different than standard SSL certificates which you would normally pay (and have to renew every year). Our certificates are powered by LetsEncrypt. To show you how much secure they are, we will make your website score A or A+ grade on notorious Qualys SSL Labs Test!