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GetPageSpeed needs SSH connection details for your server.
Please provide hostname, port, user and password.

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Before clicking Continue below, ensure the following SSH key is placed in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file of your SSH user

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDLnu/s2qT3JwRYFwXJGX5x0nxgs63ZWvkUNWMfJzdWntFUeJHW2+vQwvFm/+h6KNiSVjn87jUwYuFKVHdYvdQYB72o3D4cNFvSayvHC/UkQfhK/9XIy236uvyf6DpTRDIEdkJtLlFTq6AaTuPzBTbS5GaxC7I4cvEEgZB+DDrjmvt+CsT2G/N4jdv15mUKwNRcFvwNWAPreFMkYubpsSZTCE/3OUqdp0bQ4L9QA/Ox2oJIhiwP22X+zndelaLTHGbY8Qe9idlk67sjKLYi9tV6BC0xRQkG0aR+EVkeUT2izycsFp90ixDFsc4T7Fg5LqeXJH6a8aNr3nq8/Ufc9p0j ansible-generated on web.getpagespeed.com


SSH is a communication protocol for command line access to remote servers. You can obtain connection details from your hosting company.

Host name - DNS address of your server

Username - system user with highest privileges to compile and install applications, normally 'root' on Unix systems.

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When you submit this page, we will connect to your server using SSH.

Connection details are never saved on our server.