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Dive in with a subscription at just $59/month and step into a world of unparalleled convenience and enhanced server performance. Bid farewell to the days of laborious manual updates and security maintenance. Your subscription is your gateway to a stress-free, optimized server environment.

Why NGINX? With GetPageSpeed, you not only gain access to a treasure trove of NGINX extras but unlock a curated suite of over 50 installable modules. From PageSpeed, Brotli, ModSecurity, to Dynamic ETag and Security Headers, turbocharge your NGINX setup with modules crafted for excellence. Experience the ease of a powerful NGINX-MOD with Cloudflare and GetPageSpeed optimizations built right in. Extend NGINX’s capabilities with Lua libraries, going beyond what OpenResty offers.

But that’s not all! Your GetPageSpeed subscription opens up a realm of server enhancements:

  • Drop-in libraries to enhance your server performance: faster Zlib, MozJPEG
  • Varnish LTS and many Varnish modules (VMODs)
  • Performance and security-related software like nghttp2, Brotli, jpegoptim with MozJPEG support, etc., etc.
  • CLI utilities: myqsltuner, WP-CLI, clearmage2, n98-magerun2, etc. etc.
  • Libraries: luajit2, libmodsecurity, brotli are just some to mention!
  • Kernel modules for extra hardware support
  • Desktop software: KeepassXC, Chromium, Dropbox, Teamviewer, Zoom, Telegram, etc.

Subscribe using the form below and provide your server IP to get started for instant access for all the above and more.