RPM repository subscription

Setting up a secure and high-performance web server is a challenging task if you have to always compile and maintain all the software for it. Now you don’t have to.

The GetPageSpeed RPM repository saves you time and money by providing secure, well-maintained RPM packages of all the software you need, with continuous updates for every stable release:

  • NGINX extras. Over 50 installable modules for NGINX: PageSpeed, Brotli, ModSecurity, Dynamic ETag, Security Headers, etc.
  • NGINX-MOD. Powerful NGINX base with Cloudflare and GetPageSpeed optimizations built-in
  • NGINX Lua libraries. Extend NGINX with Lua power beyond OpenResty
  • Drop-in libraries to enhance your server performance: faster Zlib, MozJPEG
  • Varnish LTS and many Varnish modules (VMODs)
  • Performance and security-related software like nghttp2, Brotli, jpegoptim with MozJPEG support, etc., etc.
  • CLI utilities: myqsltuner, WP-CLI, clearmage2, n98-magerun2, etc. etc.
  • Libraries: luajit2, libmodsecurity, brotli are just some to mention!
  • Kernel modules for extra hardware support
  • Desktop software (EL 8): KeepassXC, Chromium, Dropbox, Teamviewer, Zoom, Telegram, etc.

On the next page, provide your server IP to get started for instant access to all the above and more.