Server Email Setup

by Danila Vershinin, July 14, 2015

Setup email on your server without too much hassle!


Recommended VPS hosts in 2015

by Danila Vershinin,

List of recommended VPS hosts in 2015, reviewed by GetPageSpeed team


Want a faster website? PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix will never help you

by Danila Vershinin, May 7, 2015

Save yourself some time optimizing your website for performance by learning why Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix are not good for the task


Reset MySQL root password in CentOS 6 / 7

by Danila Vershinin, November 7, 2014

Change MySQL root password or reset it easily with these simple SSH commands


FirewallD FTP rule: allow access to FTP service in CentOS 7

by Danila Vershinin, October 8, 2014

Sometimes you have to use tricks to accomplish a task. Even a trivial task might require special workarounds. Let’s enable access to FTP service on a CentOS 7 which comes with FirewallD as default firewall component in operating system. You might be fine without the workaround, but if you have an issue – you will have to use it.



by Danila Vershinin, October 2, 2014

Caching is the most essential piece of the performance puzzle. What is the fastest cache storage? Of course, it’s RAM. Why not use the RAM of all available servers and put it up as single distributed cache storage for your busy internet application. Meet Memcached – it’s there, it’s free and it will do the task.


Monitor Servers with Monit on CentOS 6

by Danila Vershinin, September 18, 2014

If you want your server to be always available to visitors with zero downtime, then you should proactively monitor the services it runs. Apache and MySQL are the two main services most commonly found on a Linux web server. Here is the the complete tutorial on monitoring Apache and MySQL, with automatic restarts on failure by means of Monit on CentOS 6.


Linux Software Compilation Guide

by Danila Vershinin, September 16, 2014

Have you fetched a new VPS instance or own dedicated server? You might be interested in how to get your favorite programs installed using compilation. This is a good way to get latest software versions, especially for programs which are not available in standard repos.


CentOS SSH password-less login

by Danila Vershinin, September 14, 2014

It’s always nice to add more security to your server while actually increasing the comfort of logging in remotely. Meet password-less login using public key authentication. You can enable it within just a few minutes and save yourself the time to type in passwords.


Nginx PageSpeed configuration

by Danila Vershinin, September 11, 2014

Learn how to configure Google PageSpeed module in Nginx server block. Provides sample configuration to store PageSpeed cache in a Memcached server. Storing PageSpeed cache in Memcached provides additional performance improvement.