How to install the latest Transmission on CentOS/RHEL 8

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How to install Transmission GUI on CentOS 8

sudo dnf -y install
sudo dnf -y install transmission

Using a proxy for communication with trackers

In certain countries, popular trackers are banned on the ISP level. For example, Russia blocks, which is the largest tracker.
You can make use of the ALL_PROXY environment variable which is supported in most applications using libcrurl, including Transmission.


The socks5h: specifies that DNS requests are resolved through the proxy. And that, in our case, means that the DNS names of trackers will be resolved via proxy.

For this to be automatically applied only for Transmission, let’s create a “local” desktop shortcut to the app, where we specify the ALL_PROXY variable.

For example, we run the Tor background service, which gives us a local SOCKS5 proxy at port 9050.

cp -p /usr/share/applications/transmission-gtk.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/transmission-gtk.desktop
sed -i -r 's@^Exec=@Exec=env ALL_PROXY=socks5h:// @g' ~/.local/share/applications/transmission-gtk.desktop

What we did:

  • Created local copy of the shortcut (.desktop) file of Transmission
  • Customized it by ensuring the necessary ALL_PROXY environment is set when it’s launched

Note that this does not proxy connections to seeds, only to the tracker.

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