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My always up-to-date list of optimization fakers out there 🙂

1. Tom Dupuis. A SEO guy from Denver

How I Optimized My Slow WordPress Site To Load In .2s With 100% Pingdom + GTmetrix Scores: A Comprehensive List Of 40+ Up-To-Date WordPress Speed Optimization Tips.

“Nice” write-up with some valid thoughts, HOWEVER…:

  • He bases his .2 ms performance by testing from the same location where he hosts his website. Anyone can do this.
  • Has no SSL certificate for his website. SSL is a must these days and it’s a major performance bottleneck. Anyone is fast without it
  • Recommends SiteGround shared hosting (oh no!)
  • He doesn’t really share why his score is better. I will tell you why. It’s mostly entirely for the fact that he’s not using any external domain components (no Google Analytics, no Google Fonts).

Again, anyone can do what he did, but he’s not sharing that he scores better for these simple reasons and gives a ***load of useless recommendations instead of going down and actually explaining how he did it (as per title).

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