CentOS SSH password-less login

by Danila Vershinin, September 14, 2014

It’s always nice to add more security to your server while actually increasing the comfort of logging in remotely. Meet password-less login using public key authentication. You can enable it within just a few minutes and save yourself the time to type in passwords.


Nginx PageSpeed configuration

by Danila Vershinin, September 11, 2014

Learn how to configure Google PageSpeed module in Nginx server block. Provides sample configuration to store PageSpeed cache in a Memcached server. Storing PageSpeed cache in Memcached provides additional performance improvement.


CentOS 7 Server Setup

by Danila Vershinin, August 28, 2014

A very thorough guide on first-time setup of web server under CentOS. Follow it to secure your web server from attackers and improve performance by protecting server with firewall. We cover protecting SSH daemon, enabling firewall and configuring fail2ban.


Choosing right VPS

by Jack Dalton, July 15, 2014

We have already talked about what VPS is and why it’s superior to shared plans in terms of performance. But what are the ingredients for a good VPS plan when you make a decision to order virtual server? Don’t let yourself to get lost, use our straightforward directions.


Why Use VPS and what is it?

by Danila Vershinin, July 13, 2014

Introduction to Virtual Private Server vs. Shared hosting plan