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Install MySQLTuner in CentOS/RHEL

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You have to maintain an active subscription in order to be able to use the repository!

What is MySQLTuner

MySQLTuner is a great little utility to tune up your MySQL instance to perform at it best.

Install MySQLTuner

yum -y install
yum -y install mysqltuner

Run MySQLTuner

Simply type mysqltuner and get overwhelmed with a list of tweak suggestions.

Our MySQLTuner package ships with basic_passwords.txt and vulnerabilities.csv, so when you run mysqltuner, it will report you whether your MySQL has any vulnerabilities or poor user passwords.

Schedule reports

You can get weekly suggestions (if any) for MySQLTuner by using mysqltuner-cron package:

yum -y install mysqltuner-cron

Then mysqltuner will be run every week and only if there are suggestions, they will be emailed to you by cron.

Small bonus, mysqlmemory

To reduce the memory footprint of MySQL, you can run mysqlmemory that is shipped with the package. More info about it here.

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