In China? Quick Google mirror setup using NGINX!

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The Great Firewall of China restricts you from using Google. But you can easily setup your own Google bypass if you have some skills and.. NGINX!


  • A VPS with CentOS 7. For example, tiniest Linode plan will run you only $5/mo.
  • Your own domain name (subdomain or bare IP setup will do as well)

Setup Google mirror

yum install
yum install nginx-module-google-mirror

This installs stable NGINX and the key component of the solution – Google mirror module, as well its dependency – the substitutions module.

Then in your nginx.conf, load the modules at the top of the file:

load_module modules/;
load_module modules/;

Now create a configuration for a domain or IP address, and in the server {} section put

server {
    location / {
        google on;

Reload or restart NGINX, and viola! Your have your own Google search at Wasn’t that easy? 🙂

For additional configuration directives of the Google mirror module (e.g. changing language), refer to its documentation.

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