Nginx PageSpeed module now available for stable nginx

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We have by far the largest RPM repository with NGINX module packages and VMODs for Varnish. If you want to install NGINX, Varnish, and lots of useful performance/security software with smooth yum upgrades for production use, this is the repository for you.
Active subscription is required.

We have rebuilt the latest PageSpeed module for stable nginx. This means our repository subscribers can now make use of latest PageSpeed optimizations.
The update is just one command away:

yum update

If you’re not yet using our RPM repository for nginx modules, we have the guide to set you up.

There are many nginx modules available for both RedHat 6 and 7.

  1. Yunier

    Recently I found this repo and use it.
    But pagespeed doesn’t work perfectly.
    On nginx error file I can see: pagespeed: cannot set gzip, command not found.
    I have gzip off; and gzip package installed.

    • Danila Vershinin

      Hi Yunier,

      You can direct your issue to ngx_pagespeed issue tracker at GitHub.
      As to the issue itself – I couldn’t reproduce it. Perhaps you’re using custom compiled nginx in your PATH and it’s using older ngx_pagespeed module.
      To my knowledge the latest ngx_pagespeed doesn’t need gzip package to be installed, because the gzip functionality is built-in.
      Note that we are not developers for ngx_pagespeed, but we have packaged it for use by anyone willing to use it in production.


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