How to make a custom GDM background screen for CentOS 7.7?

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Operating System and Software

  • CentOS 7.7
  • Rocky Linux 8


  • How do we make a custom background for the GDM login screen?

How to Fix

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  • Examine this article on the Arch Linux Wiki and follow the procedure to insert the custom background image into the gnome-shellgresource file and change the CSS accordingly.

Origin of the Problem

In versions of RHEL newer than 7.3, visual assets for gnome-shell (and thus GDM) are now compiled into gresource binary files. This includes the background image for the GDM login screen. Bug 1651378 was filed as a feature request for changing this behavior; however, the bug was declined in favor of the login screen rework currently in progres upstream. At the time of writing, it is scheduled to be included in a future version of Rocky Linux 8; however, release dates are subject to change.

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