RHCOS installation on baremetal server can not find installation disk

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Operating System and Software

  • Red Hat Core OS
  • Red Hat Openshift Container Platform 4.x
  • Hardware with SAS2008 RAID controller


  • Bare metal installation of RHCOS fails on hardware with SAS2008 RAID Controller due to unavailability of installation disk.

How to Fix

  • Logical RAID volumes created using RAID controller with SAS2008 adapter won’t be detected on RHCOS since driver support for them has been removed and there is no in built driver for this controller in RHCOS.

Origin of the Problem

  • In built driver support for SAS2008 adapter has been removed in RHCOS and Rocky Linux 8.
  • Please refer this link to know more about the hardware whose support has been removed in Rocky Linux 8 and RHCOS

Diagnostic Steps

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