Fx for “The requested URL returned error” and “401 Unauthorized while accessing” with git on CentOS 6

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Quick fix for when you get the following error during git push:

“The requested URL returned error: 401 Unauthorized while accessing” “fatal: HTTP request failed”

If you know that you have proper credentials for the repository in question, read further for solution.

Solution. Upgrade git on CentOS 6

First, confirm that you have specific version of git:

git --version
git version 1.7.1

Now, upgrade git on Centos 6 to more recent version:

sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum install
sudo yum install yum-plugin-replace
sudo yum replace git --replace-with git2u

Now you have a more recent git version which will likely have no error mentioned above.

  1. Johan Gardner

    Awesome thanks, right on the money for my persistent 401. All sorted now. Thanks again.


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