NGINX: easily debug PHP applications

by Danila Vershinin, August 7, 2018

It is essential to run PHP applications with production settings. But if there’s an issue that cannot be reproduced in a staging environment, you will want a quick way to enable debug settings at live. NGINX is very flexible in a way that it allows to make your PHP configuration “dynamic”. Let’s configure PHP debug […]


Dissecting HTTPS redirect requirements of HSTS

by Danila Vershinin, August 5, 2018

Understanding the implications of HSTS header on the HTTP canonical redirects.


NGINX Amplify – MySQL Monitoring in CentOS 6

by Danila Vershinin, August 4, 2018

MySQL monitoring in CentOS 6 using NGINX Amplify agent


Modern approaches to secure websites in 2018

by Danila Vershinin, August 3, 2018

Some of the things you really want to take care about to secure your website.


Deciphering the slow web tech behind Philippines’ largest mobile networks

by Danila Vershinin, July 19, 2018

Find out how Philippines’ largest Internet companies, Globe and Smart, neglect performance and security with nothing but HTTP/1.1 and Gzip compression and custom DNS nameservers.


RPM Building Gotchas

by Danila Vershinin, July 14, 2018

Here’s my small guide on some issues, solutions, and best practices for building CentOS/RHEL RPMs. Versioning module of a program NGINX modules have to be rebuilt for specific versions of NGINX. This means that an NGINX module package essentially versions based on two components: The version of NGINX itself The version of the module (unless […]


How to use multiple real IP headers with nginx

by Danila Vershinin, July 10, 2018

How to pass real visitor IPs in nginx from two different cloud services.


Proxy requests to any remote server in nginx

by Danila Vershinin, July 8, 2018

Display information from other websites on your own, with nginx proxying.


Tuning proxy_buffer_size in NGINX

by Danila Vershinin, July 7, 2018

Make your NGINX more memory efficient and fix that “upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream” error.


Magento 2 Security Checklist

by Danila Vershinin, June 24, 2018

When you prepare to launch your Magento 2 website, security is one of the primary areas of concern. Whether you plan to accept credit card data directly on your website, or on a payment provider’s pages – you are required to achieve PCI compliance. Otherwise, you’ll find your business at risk of being banned from […]